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Smelling Salts Combo

Smelling Salts Combo

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Unlock a 10% discount on Kiwi Strength's Smelling Salts Combo! Devil's Breath Smelling Salts pack a punch, delivering a zesty ammonia zing that'll wake up athletes and fitness buffs alike. It's the secret sauce for that extra oomph in your athletic endeavors.

Need a concentration concoction? A vigor-boosting brew? Our smelling salts are just the ticket, sharpening focus and fueling power for any workout or showdown. With our special blend, you're not just hitting your goals – you're smashing them with style!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Harlan (Wellington, NZ)
Pure quality

Easy to use site, good communication and fantastic product.

leo Xue (Auckland, NZ)

The best

V Murray (Auckland, NZ)
Demons Breath Combo

I bought the combo because it was a decent price. Devils Breath lives up to its name instant eyes watering the 1st time I opened it. Sadly the containers were unable to hold the power of these demons and both exploded, I put it in a new container added a little water and it's as powerful as when I 1st received it.

Chad Anderson (Tauranga, NZ)

good fast service

Jolan Bungard (Wellington, NZ)

Smelling Salts Combo

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