About Us



Who Are WE?

We are a locally owned New Zealand family business and operating in the Waikato since 2010

Our Mission Statement

Producing high-quality strength athletes and products designed to make our strength-focused customers the strongest athletes possible

  • No BS

    We believe in our customers, products, and services. Our no-BS policy means we will always provide products and services to our customers with honesty and integrity because want our customers to succeed and we give a f*ck.

  • Environment

    We strive to ensure the environment we have created is second to none.

    We aim to be a home away from home for our customers to enable them to train in a supportive, open, and BS-free environment alongside likeminded people.

  • Educating Our Customers

    We will provide accurate, honest, informative, motivating and empowering knowledge to our customers through all of our channels of communication to ensure our customers are able to have the best opportunity to succeed.


A dream to own his own gym was born in 1995 when Daniel first stepped into at gym and began strength training at the young age of 13.

In 2010 with $0.00 in the bank Kiwi-Strength began in Daniel’s carport with just a barbell and a few plates, Daniel slowly built up equipment and clients.

In 2014 Daniel, his wife and 3 kids decided it was time to move the business forward and open Kiwi-Strength in its own building.

After a couple of moves with a growing customer base, Kiwi-Strength has settled in Hamilton CBD where Daniel works, coaches athletes, designs, fabricates and produces his own series of high-end quality powerlifting gear while he continues to build Kiwi-Strength.

Kiwi-Strength is now one of New Zealand’s strongest brands as we continue to grow with our customer’s support and Daniel's determination and vision.

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