Our Gym

Welcome to Our Gym, where strength meets community. Our facility showcases specialized heavy-duty powerlifting equipment, including competition Eleiko combo rack, competition plates, Texas and Okie bars, Kiwi-strength bars, mono lifts, an abundance of plates, deadlift platforms, strongman atlas stones, yokes, farmers walk implements, car deadlift setups, and much more. We offer personalized training sessions, group introductions to powerlifting classes, and a supportive environment to help you achieve your strength goals.

Our seasoned trainers are committed to helping you see results. Whether you're a newcomer to powerlifting and strength training or an experienced athlete, Our Gym caters to all levels.

Join Our Gym today and embark on your journey to becoming stronger, both physically and mentally. Utilize our amenities and services, including classes, coaching, and nutritional guidance.

Discover why Our Gym is the top strength destination in town.

For information on our Introduction to Powerlifting and Strength Classes, please click here.